Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving Turkey Naills with a Step by Step Picture Tutorial...

Cute Thanksgiving Turkey Nails
Below I'll show step by step how I do these cute little turkeys. You can leave the feathers off if you prefer or even draw them first. This is how I go about doing them, but do whatever you find easier and off course add any colors you like. I used Anita's Acrylic Paints to do these, but nail polish can be used. I tend to use paint as it's easier and cheaper to use. Plus if you mess up a little water or alcohol erases the accident without messing up your polish. A little tip I've learned with paint, if you're doing a new or complicated design or just one that makes you nervous or so you don't have to start all over if you mess up on one part. After doing any step in a design you can add a super thin coat of topcoat (let it dry before continuing on with your designs). This means for example after drawing my turkey faces/heads, I could put on a topcoat and that will protect my design. So if while drawing the feathers or outlining the head I mess up, since I used topcoat, I can erase the feathers and outline and not worry about accidentally messing up the rest of my turkey! : )

Step by Step Turkey Tutorial
Supplies Used:
  • Base Coat and topcoat
  • L.A. COLORS Craze: Whipped (one coat)
  • Anita's Acrylic Paint: Moccasin Brown, White, Black, True Red, Buttercup, Autumn Orange, and Royal Fuchsia
  •  Flat Nail Brush
  • Detail Nail Brush
  • Dotting Tools
  • Toothpick
  1. Use one coat of a Nude polish. I used L.A. COLORS Craze: Whipped. This is just to give your natural nail a light tan tint so if any of your natural nail shows the color scheme will match.
  2. Take your Brown and draw a half circle as big or small as you want to the tip of your nail. You want it to be opaque. Since I used Paint. I did have to go over it a couple of times using a flat nail brush.
  3. Using a white take your dotting tool and make two round circles. The bigger you make them the cuter your turkey will look (in my opinion anyways).
  4. Now take your dotting tool and add Black in the middle of  the white eyes. You want to spread the black pupil out; leaving just enough white as an outline.
  5. Making the shiny details of the eyes: Choose a dotting tool that will make a big dot in the tops of the pupils and use a toothpick to make the smaller dot at the bottoms of the pupils.
  6. The feet are orange capital "Y"s . I drew part of the "Y" over the eyes with my detail brush. I think it makes the turkeys' look even smaller and cuter.
  7. The letter "V" drawn in yellow (Buttercup) with a detail brush makes the beak.
  8. The red curved line over the beak : With a detail brush draw a curved red line, starting over the right side of the beak and going all the way to the tip of your nail. You can make the line cover up the whole right side of the beak or just part (all up to you). I also took royal fuchsia and drew in the middle of the red to add a little detail. Again optional.
  9. Lightly brush lines of the color brown from the the turkey head to the top of your nail with your detail brush. You can make the feathers as long you want or as short. Since I used paint I watered the colors used for the tail down to make the process easier.
  10. Now draw red lines for your tail. After red, use orange. I drew my orange lines a little bit over my red ones. Now add yellow lines, going a little over the other colors. Again you want to take your brown and this time draw randomly over the other colors.
  11. I took black and drew a couple of lines over my feathers. I thought it made them look more realistic, but again optional step : )
  12. Using my detail brush I drew a very thin black line around the top of my Turkeys' heads. I think this makes them pop more and separates their head from their feathers.
  13. Your Turkeys are now done! Wait for them to dry and topcoat your nails. Be sure, especially if you use acrylic paint to go over the tips of your nails to seal in your designs : )

Friday, November 15, 2013

Painted Rose Nails and an Attempt at a Picture Tutorial

Free Handed Simple Rose Nails done with Acrylic Paint

 Supplies Used:

1.  Paint your nail with your preferred base coat and then polish color. I try to pick a polish that makes sure my rose doesn't just blend into the background.
2.  Depending on the background polish. I do my rose outline in white or a lighter color so I can see what I'm doing better. Start off with drawing a swirl using acrylic paint (I use Anita's white paint).
3.  Connect the outside end of your swirl to make a circle.
4.  Add Cs (petals) around your circle. Start off small and try not to let the ends match up.
5.  Keep making bigger and bigger Cs as you move out. Don't worry if your Cs are not perfect. A little alcohol on a q-tip will fix that or when you trace and fill in the petals you can tidy it up a bit : )
6.   Once your rose is your preferred sized. You can either trace your outline color first in a darker color or fill in your petals first. I chose to fill in my petals. Depending on the color you may have to go over your petals more than once. I used Anita's Vivid Pink Paint for my petals.
7.  Once the petals are opaque. Trace over the white outline in a darker color matching your petals color scheme. In my case since I used a light pink for my petals, I will be tracing in a darker pink. I used Anita's Royal Fuchsia Paint. You will probably have to go over your white outline twice.
8.  If you prefer you can do your outline in the darker color instead of white. I do it in white first, because for me it's easier to see the outline and any mistakes.
9.  Now add leaves if you like. I used Anita's Shamrock paint to do my leaf outlines and fill them in, then draw your leaf veins. I used Anita's Wasabi paint for that task.
10.  You can now draw lines around the rose connecting the leaves if you like in your dark green and then add a little light green strip inside to pull your design together. Your Rose should now look complete : )
11. Wait for your completed rose to dry and then put topcoat on your nail.. Be sure to go around the tip and sides of your nail to seal in your design.

Friday, November 8, 2013

$3 Blue Glitter Mani

You don't have to spend a lot to have a pretty manicure. I used two coats of Wet n Wild's Dark Side of the Blues and two coats of Broadway's Paradise Water glitter. Wet n Wild is a $2 polish and Broadway is $1. I love, love Wet n Wild. Rarely have I come across a bad polish from them. While I like some Broadway colors and will use it. Their polishes tend to be all goopy except for their glitters in my experience.

Side Note: This glitter was by far the easiest I have ever removed. Three hard scrubs with an acetone covered cotton ball and it just wiped off. I hope this wasn't a fluke.
Outside Flash
Outside No Flash

Thursday, November 7, 2013


I found this set by looking for a hard candy black tie optional dupe. Decades of Bonds seems to fit the bill and is about double the size and cheaper. I paid $6 for the set.You can also see some of I Do Romeo is missing, because who I ordered from didn't make sure the bottle was closed....that was a fun smelling package to open.
Inside No Flash
(Broadway: Sour Apple)
The polish is thick (which in this case may be the fault of the seller instead of Kleancolor) of course this means by the time you get enough glitter on your nails they are all a mess. I use a makeup sponge wedge to dab the glitter on for this reason. I use this method with all glitters that have big pieces, so much easier to get as much glitter as you want without all the unneeded layers of polish on your nails.
  • Thumb: Decades of Bond is black and white hexagon/ bar/mini glitter. The clear polish was tinted (due to bleeding from the black glitter?) black so good thing I used a sponge. The sponge sucked up the clear polish so my mani was not ruined. Otherwise this glitter looks great when on the nail.
  • Index: Everyday is My Birthday is gold and white hexagon/ bar/mini glitter. Even using a sponge it was very hard to get big pieces of white glitter out. Gold big pieces seem to out weigh the white.
  • Middle: Score High Spend Low is black and silver hexagon/ bar/mini glitter. Again seemed like there was way more bigger pieces of silver than black.
  • Ring: I Do Romeo is white big hexagon/medium hexagon/mini glitter. If you're looking for a white, glitter with big pieces this glitter is amazing! So many big pieces and was easy to get them out.
  • Pinky:  Beyond Space & Time is black big hexagon/medium hexagon/mini glitter. This caused my sponge to have a tiny tint of gray, but no where near how bad Decades of Bond did. Still glad I used a sponge. Again, just like I Do Romeo it was super easy to get out big pieces.
Outside (no flash)
Overall I liked Decades of Bond, I Do Romeo, and Beyond Space & time. The looks and easiness to get out big pieces added to that of course. Everyday is My Birthday and Score High Spend Low just failed to have an equal amount of both colors of glitter and that annoyed me. But that being said I only paid about a $1 a piece for them (including shipping), so for that price I'll deal with some sponge staining and spending a little more time to get out different colors of glitter.
   I will warn this nail polish is known for it's strong smell. Although, it only smelled for about a day on me and I could only smell it if my hands were near my nose.
Outside (no flash)

Yogurt Raisins is also a part of this collection.
A grey polish with white and blue glitter. I found the polish to be ok. I had to do three coats to get good coverage and it looks like asphalt IMO. I like greys, but I'm not a fan of this color.
  As a final note the collection is called Matte, but none of the polishes dry matte.

              Inside (Flash)                                   Inside (No Flash)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Cutesy Black Cat Nails =^_^=

 My cat Jinxy helped design these nails, just by being her and I have a friend who encourages me to keep practicing my nail art. He loves cats (shoutout Nic lol) and these were done around mix all that together and you get cute black cat nails.
Supplies Used:
  • L.A. COLORS Craze: Whipped, Black Pearl, and Mint
  • Anita's Black and White acrylic paint.
  • Detail brush, dotting tool, and toothpick.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Stitched (broken) Heart Nails and How to

Ok, this is my first ever blog post and on the off chance anyone stumbles across it and happens to wonder how I did these nails. I am going to attempt to describe how. Wish me luck!

Supplies Used:
  • Base coat and topcoat.
  • Broadway: "Snow White"
  • Black,White, and Red acrylic water based paint.
  • Detail brush

  • Base coat: I use nail magic. Seems like a lot of people can not use this product, because of reactions to it. I've never had any type of reaction, so I use it to make my nails strong and long. Although side note, definitely not a good base coat when using certain bright colors; yellows, reds.
  • After putting on your preferred base coat. Paint your nails with two coats of white polish. I used Broadway's "Snow White".
  • Hearts: I used Anita's black acrylic paint (water based) to do outlines of the hearts with a thin nail brush. The reason I use acrylic paint is it's so much  cheaper and if you mess up: take a cotton ball with alcohol on it and scrub the paint off. Only the paint gets removed; not the polish. You also don't need very much paint and it dries much faster (imo), so no smearing  : )
  • After drawing the outlines. I took Anita's red paint and filled the hearts in. I then took black paint and drew curved or straight lines on the hearts, then did mini lines over the big lines to create the stitch affect.
  • On the index finger I did a complete heart and then took Anita's white to draw a zigzag line down the middle to represent a broken heart.
  • Draw a tear drop shape near the top of the heart in black and then fill it in with white (this makes them a little cartoony and not as serious)
  • I then put just a tiny bit or red paint on a thin nail brush and flicked it back and forth from the base of the hearts to the tip of the nail (except on the ring finger where I did this almost everywhere the white polish showed). I wanted a blood affect.
  • Finale: Once the paint dries top coat it and be sure to do the tips, so washing your hands won't mess up all your work. I used Nailtiques Formula 1 for my top coat.
Thank you so much for reading and I hope these instructions made sense. : )