Monday, November 4, 2013

Stitched (broken) Heart Nails and How to

Ok, this is my first ever blog post and on the off chance anyone stumbles across it and happens to wonder how I did these nails. I am going to attempt to describe how. Wish me luck!

Supplies Used:
  • Base coat and topcoat.
  • Broadway: "Snow White"
  • Black,White, and Red acrylic water based paint.
  • Detail brush

  • Base coat: I use nail magic. Seems like a lot of people can not use this product, because of reactions to it. I've never had any type of reaction, so I use it to make my nails strong and long. Although side note, definitely not a good base coat when using certain bright colors; yellows, reds.
  • After putting on your preferred base coat. Paint your nails with two coats of white polish. I used Broadway's "Snow White".
  • Hearts: I used Anita's black acrylic paint (water based) to do outlines of the hearts with a thin nail brush. The reason I use acrylic paint is it's so much  cheaper and if you mess up: take a cotton ball with alcohol on it and scrub the paint off. Only the paint gets removed; not the polish. You also don't need very much paint and it dries much faster (imo), so no smearing  : )
  • After drawing the outlines. I took Anita's red paint and filled the hearts in. I then took black paint and drew curved or straight lines on the hearts, then did mini lines over the big lines to create the stitch affect.
  • On the index finger I did a complete heart and then took Anita's white to draw a zigzag line down the middle to represent a broken heart.
  • Draw a tear drop shape near the top of the heart in black and then fill it in with white (this makes them a little cartoony and not as serious)
  • I then put just a tiny bit or red paint on a thin nail brush and flicked it back and forth from the base of the hearts to the tip of the nail (except on the ring finger where I did this almost everywhere the white polish showed). I wanted a blood affect.
  • Finale: Once the paint dries top coat it and be sure to do the tips, so washing your hands won't mess up all your work. I used Nailtiques Formula 1 for my top coat.
Thank you so much for reading and I hope these instructions made sense. : )


  1. Your hearts look so great! I love how you made each one different.