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I found this set by looking for a hard candy black tie optional dupe. Decades of Bonds seems to fit the bill and is about double the size and cheaper. I paid $6 for the set.You can also see some of I Do Romeo is missing, because who I ordered from didn't make sure the bottle was closed....that was a fun smelling package to open.
Inside No Flash
(Broadway: Sour Apple)
The polish is thick (which in this case may be the fault of the seller instead of Kleancolor) of course this means by the time you get enough glitter on your nails they are all a mess. I use a makeup sponge wedge to dab the glitter on for this reason. I use this method with all glitters that have big pieces, so much easier to get as much glitter as you want without all the unneeded layers of polish on your nails.
  • Thumb: Decades of Bond is black and white hexagon/ bar/mini glitter. The clear polish was tinted (due to bleeding from the black glitter?) black so good thing I used a sponge. The sponge sucked up the clear polish so my mani was not ruined. Otherwise this glitter looks great when on the nail.
  • Index: Everyday is My Birthday is gold and white hexagon/ bar/mini glitter. Even using a sponge it was very hard to get big pieces of white glitter out. Gold big pieces seem to out weigh the white.
  • Middle: Score High Spend Low is black and silver hexagon/ bar/mini glitter. Again seemed like there was way more bigger pieces of silver than black.
  • Ring: I Do Romeo is white big hexagon/medium hexagon/mini glitter. If you're looking for a white, glitter with big pieces this glitter is amazing! So many big pieces and was easy to get them out.
  • Pinky:  Beyond Space & Time is black big hexagon/medium hexagon/mini glitter. This caused my sponge to have a tiny tint of gray, but no where near how bad Decades of Bond did. Still glad I used a sponge. Again, just like I Do Romeo it was super easy to get out big pieces.
Outside (no flash)
Overall I liked Decades of Bond, I Do Romeo, and Beyond Space & time. The looks and easiness to get out big pieces added to that of course. Everyday is My Birthday and Score High Spend Low just failed to have an equal amount of both colors of glitter and that annoyed me. But that being said I only paid about a $1 a piece for them (including shipping), so for that price I'll deal with some sponge staining and spending a little more time to get out different colors of glitter.
   I will warn this nail polish is known for it's strong smell. Although, it only smelled for about a day on me and I could only smell it if my hands were near my nose.
Outside (no flash)

Yogurt Raisins is also a part of this collection.
A grey polish with white and blue glitter. I found the polish to be ok. I had to do three coats to get good coverage and it looks like asphalt IMO. I like greys, but I'm not a fan of this color.
  As a final note the collection is called Matte, but none of the polishes dry matte.

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