Friday, November 15, 2013

Painted Rose Nails and an Attempt at a Picture Tutorial

Free Handed Simple Rose Nails done with Acrylic Paint

 Supplies Used:

1.  Paint your nail with your preferred base coat and then polish color. I try to pick a polish that makes sure my rose doesn't just blend into the background.
2.  Depending on the background polish. I do my rose outline in white or a lighter color so I can see what I'm doing better. Start off with drawing a swirl using acrylic paint (I use Anita's white paint).
3.  Connect the outside end of your swirl to make a circle.
4.  Add Cs (petals) around your circle. Start off small and try not to let the ends match up.
5.  Keep making bigger and bigger Cs as you move out. Don't worry if your Cs are not perfect. A little alcohol on a q-tip will fix that or when you trace and fill in the petals you can tidy it up a bit : )
6.   Once your rose is your preferred sized. You can either trace your outline color first in a darker color or fill in your petals first. I chose to fill in my petals. Depending on the color you may have to go over your petals more than once. I used Anita's Vivid Pink Paint for my petals.
7.  Once the petals are opaque. Trace over the white outline in a darker color matching your petals color scheme. In my case since I used a light pink for my petals, I will be tracing in a darker pink. I used Anita's Royal Fuchsia Paint. You will probably have to go over your white outline twice.
8.  If you prefer you can do your outline in the darker color instead of white. I do it in white first, because for me it's easier to see the outline and any mistakes.
9.  Now add leaves if you like. I used Anita's Shamrock paint to do my leaf outlines and fill them in, then draw your leaf veins. I used Anita's Wasabi paint for that task.
10.  You can now draw lines around the rose connecting the leaves if you like in your dark green and then add a little light green strip inside to pull your design together. Your Rose should now look complete : )
11. Wait for your completed rose to dry and then put topcoat on your nail.. Be sure to go around the tip and sides of your nail to seal in your design.

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