Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving Turkey Naills with a Step by Step Picture Tutorial...

Cute Thanksgiving Turkey Nails
Below I'll show step by step how I do these cute little turkeys. You can leave the feathers off if you prefer or even draw them first. This is how I go about doing them, but do whatever you find easier and off course add any colors you like. I used Anita's Acrylic Paints to do these, but nail polish can be used. I tend to use paint as it's easier and cheaper to use. Plus if you mess up a little water or alcohol erases the accident without messing up your polish. A little tip I've learned with paint, if you're doing a new or complicated design or just one that makes you nervous or so you don't have to start all over if you mess up on one part. After doing any step in a design you can add a super thin coat of topcoat (let it dry before continuing on with your designs). This means for example after drawing my turkey faces/heads, I could put on a topcoat and that will protect my design. So if while drawing the feathers or outlining the head I mess up, since I used topcoat, I can erase the feathers and outline and not worry about accidentally messing up the rest of my turkey! : )

Step by Step Turkey Tutorial
Supplies Used:
  • Base Coat and topcoat
  • L.A. COLORS Craze: Whipped (one coat)
  • Anita's Acrylic Paint: Moccasin Brown, White, Black, True Red, Buttercup, Autumn Orange, and Royal Fuchsia
  •  Flat Nail Brush
  • Detail Nail Brush
  • Dotting Tools
  • Toothpick
  1. Use one coat of a Nude polish. I used L.A. COLORS Craze: Whipped. This is just to give your natural nail a light tan tint so if any of your natural nail shows the color scheme will match.
  2. Take your Brown and draw a half circle as big or small as you want to the tip of your nail. You want it to be opaque. Since I used Paint. I did have to go over it a couple of times using a flat nail brush.
  3. Using a white take your dotting tool and make two round circles. The bigger you make them the cuter your turkey will look (in my opinion anyways).
  4. Now take your dotting tool and add Black in the middle of  the white eyes. You want to spread the black pupil out; leaving just enough white as an outline.
  5. Making the shiny details of the eyes: Choose a dotting tool that will make a big dot in the tops of the pupils and use a toothpick to make the smaller dot at the bottoms of the pupils.
  6. The feet are orange capital "Y"s . I drew part of the "Y" over the eyes with my detail brush. I think it makes the turkeys' look even smaller and cuter.
  7. The letter "V" drawn in yellow (Buttercup) with a detail brush makes the beak.
  8. The red curved line over the beak : With a detail brush draw a curved red line, starting over the right side of the beak and going all the way to the tip of your nail. You can make the line cover up the whole right side of the beak or just part (all up to you). I also took royal fuchsia and drew in the middle of the red to add a little detail. Again optional.
  9. Lightly brush lines of the color brown from the the turkey head to the top of your nail with your detail brush. You can make the feathers as long you want or as short. Since I used paint I watered the colors used for the tail down to make the process easier.
  10. Now draw red lines for your tail. After red, use orange. I drew my orange lines a little bit over my red ones. Now add yellow lines, going a little over the other colors. Again you want to take your brown and this time draw randomly over the other colors.
  11. I took black and drew a couple of lines over my feathers. I thought it made them look more realistic, but again optional step : )
  12. Using my detail brush I drew a very thin black line around the top of my Turkeys' heads. I think this makes them pop more and separates their head from their feathers.
  13. Your Turkeys are now done! Wait for them to dry and topcoat your nails. Be sure, especially if you use acrylic paint to go over the tips of your nails to seal in your designs : )

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